We want to be the best possible partner in the laundry machine solutions industry. By offering high-end products, bespoke project design, sales- and after-sales support, we help you reach your business goals. We enable you to offer state-of-the-art cleaning solutions to your customers.


We combine years of experience with the latest technologies to meet the highest standards. Since our machines carry our family name, we don’t compromise on quality and our exceptional warranty terms demonstrate our commitment and confidence in our products. We achieve this through implementing a number of techniques, including:

    • Applying Lean Six Sigma principles throughout our organization
    • Using robot welding technology to ensure perfect welds
    • Finishing shafts and bearing houses inhouse with the newest computer numerical control (CNC) machines
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  • Running integrated statistics, troubleshooting and diagnostics for our laundry equipment

You can readily access all the technical documentation and information you need for your TOLON products here.


As your partner, we help you with technical questions, sales inquiries and even recommendations for future projects.

We offer training sessions free of charge for our partners, which cover servicing and repairing of commercial and industrial washing machines. We also keep you up to date with the latest technologies available. These sessions are delivered regularly at our factory in Turkey and at our warehouse in Belgium.

All of our manuals are easily accessible online, assisting you and your customers in diagnosing any issues quickly.

Through our commitment to understanding you and your business needs, we offer you the best sales support. Our dedicated Sales and Service Support team ensure that our products work in a reliable and efficient way; assisting your business in becoming more profitable and sustainable.


Working on laundry machines for more than eight decades, our experienced engineering and research and development (R&D) teams develop products that come with maximized profits as a standard feature.

At TOLON, we know that time and space limitations are the main issues of contemporary fast-moving service operations. Businesses wanting to launch industrial laundry systems desire maximum efficiency in minimum space. We aim to meet this desire by developing reliable laundry machines for the best cleaning performance.

When we develop our products, we use the most up-to-date tools, including:

  • 3D AutoCAD design software
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Accelerated lifetime tests


Supplying the equipment is only part of our ongoing relationship with you. Our team is available 24/7 to support you and your customers with technical instructions, genuine parts supply and professional servicing.

Our International After-Sales team assists with all commercial and industrial laundry machine service requirements. We have fully-trained technicians all over the world helping you and your customers with installations and servicing.

Our Customer Center offers:

  • Expertise in TOLON products
  • Onsite support and maintenance
  • Original spare part management to safeguard maximum reliability of all the components

Our team uses a unique online support platform that is equipped with technical installation, operation and maintenance knowledge. It helps us to:

  • Prioritize your requests
  • Communicate more easily with you
  • Maintain accurate records and keep track of our entire TOLON installed machine base
  • Work more efficiently
  • Identify bottle necks so we can improve our products and business