Technical Specifications

Working width:
3000 / 3300
Ironing operating temperatures:
150-230 °C
Roll diameter:
1 x 800 mm /
2 x 800 mm
Operating Bar:
7-10 bar
Steam or Gas
Dimensions (WxDxH):
2900 x 4740 x 3000 mm
Ironing speed (max & min):
5-17 m/min
6950 kg
Compressed air consumption:
130 L/Roller Rising
Gas Consumption:
14,6 Nm³/h
Electric Consumption:
19,0 KW

Functions and Advantages


Simple and easy to use screens providing data entry and follow up processes.

High tech

Fast and easy set-up of programs through the USB ports on the machines.

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Standard Features and Benefits

  • Flexible chest – The flexibility allows it to adapt to the actual roll diameter, maintaining a long-life high quality performance through, optimal and stable contact angle and higher evaporation capacity.
  • Compared with stainless steel, carbon steel offers lower friction with wet linen and has higher thermal conduction, maintaining higher and more even temperatures for higher quality iron.
  • Planetary gear minimizes the counter torque and ensures that the roll will stay in its centered position during operation.
  • Exhaust control to reduce moisture in padding and prevent the roll from cooling down
  • Adjustable speed with adjustable V-belt pulleys
  • A steam-free ironing solution, the heat comes from a gas-fired burner
  • Relatively low weight of flexible chest allows faster and more energy efficiency heat up
  • An oil expansion tank connected to the heat exchanger
  • Oil heating medium up to 40% higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Optimum Production and Finishing Quality
  • Chest temperature up to 230° C (40° C higher than that of steam with 12 bar of pressure).
  • Precise Temperature control using an intelligent burner, modulating between different flame sizes depending on the required speed and evaporation capacity.
  • Minimal installation and set up, simply to be set in place and hooked up to a gas supply.
  • Easy to operation and control
  • Both the main and the analog control panels can monitor the performance of the ironer
  • Low maintenance technologies, the only regular maintenance is keeping cleaning and changing the oil of the gear boxes.


  • 3 different types of feeding tables
  • Standard width feeding table, 400 mm with separate toothed belt drive and with variable speed.
  • Optional extended inclined inlet table, width 600 mm with shortened feeding height is ideal for smaller and larger linen offering ergonomic working conditions and excellent visual inspection of linen. It is especially suited for round table linen as it allows for careful guiding into ironer.
  • Optional incorporated vacuum box to ensure optimum feeding quality of large as well as small pieces.

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