Presence in prestigious hotels thanks to Spanish partner Polarier

A trusted partnership with one of the leading laundry companies in the Balearic hotel industry is a story we have to share. The company has branches ranging from the Spanish islands to Cuba and the Dominican Republic to other Caribbean countries. Find out why this Spanish company that excels in laundry management for prestigious hotel groups, chooses to have TOLON as a partner.

Who is Polarier

Polarier is a Spanish based company that provides laundry services within the hotel industry. They design the projects from A to Z and also manage them, providing maintenance and repairs. They offer the customers personalised solutions for their linen, both in the customer’s laundries or in their own inhouse facilities. Because they care a lot about their customer’s needs and their satisfaction, Polarier’s reputation ensures partnerships with prestigious hotel companies worldwide, resulting in a global presence on the market.

Polarier was founded in 2007 and over the years they developed an impressive project management business in the sector. In the past they mainly focused on the sale of equipment but nowadays their mission is to offer entire solutions for their hotel clients, mostly on a rental basis. The company goal is simple, they want to excel in laundry management. That’s why they promise their clients a 3-tier solution. First they choose and offer the best equipment to cover the linen requirements, secondly they monitor and control their laundry systems and finally they optimise the space and lay-out of the laundry. Their main objective is to answer their customer’s needs, providing personalised solutions for each and every hotel. They really speak the language of the hotel and they distinguish themselves with offering the best price per piece of linen. With the headquarters in Palma de Mallorca and the branches in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba, they are employing about 600 people around the world.

Introducing TOLON

In TOLON they found a trusted partner ensuring their projects to be equipped with innovative and durable industrial washer – extractors, tumble dryers and ironers.

In 2016, the first contact between Polarier and TOLON was established. Jordi Martinez Molist, Project Engineer Manager at Polarier comments:

First time I saw TOLON I was at a small exhibition in Barcelona, back then I was working for another supplier of machinery and I didn’t give it much thought. Some years later when I was working for Polarier I saw the TOLON booth on Texcare 2016. I was impressed with the design and quality of the machines. From there we initiated contact.”

Partnership JENSEN-GROUP and TOLON

Because Polarier was also in need for new heavy-duty equipment supplier during that period, they looked at machines of the JENSEN- GROUP, which TOLON has been an official partner of since 2016. This led to a decision to work with both companies at the same time. Jordi says:

“During that period, we were looking at other manufacturers to provide us with bigger tunnel washers and other heavy duty equipment and we decided we would go into business with JENSEN-GROUP. We looked at the partnership the JENSEN – GROUP had with TOLON and understood we could use TOLON for smaller equipment. This was for us the deciding factor, we had a possibility to work with 2 companies that complement each other on the same projects, guaranteeing our customer needs being met.”

Next to the JENSEN-GROUP partnership, they believed in going into business with TOLON because of the good price point of the machines while having a supportive price/quality ratio. Next to that they believe that the machines are easy to operate, which is very important for the people working in their laundries and their efficiency. In the end the convenience of the equipment was also a compelling reason to start working with TOLON. So after reaching a good agreement with VP Sales Carine Derez, they introduced their first machine in their laundry and tested it for half a year. The rest is history.

Polarier’s inhouse laundry where they handle 12 tons of linen per day is located in Palma the Mallorca. It has the following TOLON machinery:

Washer – Extractors
• 4 X TWE110
• 6 X TWE60
• 1 X TWE20

Tumble Dryers
• 2 X TTD110
• 2 X TTD60
• 1 X TTD20

Want to become a partner too? TOLON aims to be the best possible partner in the laundry machine solutions industry. Contact us today to find out how.