Making a difference since 1937…

TOLON is active and renders its services since 1937 as a company specialized in fully automated industrial washer-extractors, tumble dryers, ironers and towel folders. TOLON is the most innovative stand-alone laundry equipment manufacturer with a leading market share in heavy-duty laundries through the JENSEN-GROUP brand. Since 2016, TOLON is an official partner of the JENSEN-GROUP.

TOLON is going from being the local market leader with a start-up in 1937 to becoming a global brand in OPL and Coin.

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Due to TOLON’s success we are building a global distribution and sales system in order to continuously create the best value for customers by helping them with innovative solutions and services.

TOLON exports its equipment all over the world from the production facility in Izmir, Turkey and has sales and support offices in Europe, United States and the Middle East.

By means of its experienced sales team, after-sales network, servicing department and domestic / abroad representatives, TOLON is represented through a distribution network around the world.

The full range of state-of-the-art equipment is especially designed to withstand difficult and extreme working environments in different market segments, such as hotel laundries, commercial laundries, hospital laundries and other OPL applications as well as coin operations.