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TOLON MAKİNA - Jensen-group


TOLON is the representative of JENSEN Laundry (CBW, Ironing Lines, etc.) Systems for Turkey.

Jensen Washroom Systems

JENSEN Washroom Systems covers all washroom operations: soiled linen handling and sorting systems, loading devices, continuous batch washers, washer extractors, presses, centrifugal extractors, drying tumblers, clean linen handling and sorting systems.

JENSEN Flatwork Systems

JENSEN Flatwork Systems offer the broadest line of flatwork finishing equipment for the preparation, feeding, ironing, folding and stacking of flatwork and the sorting and folding of towels.

Jensen Web Site

Jensen Ironing Lines
Jensen Tunnel

TOLON MAKİNA - metalprogetti

METALPROGETTI Conveyor Systems

Metalprogetti (founded in 1980, Perugia - Italy) is a leading company in the design and manufacture of automated systems for moving and handling both hanging and folded garments as well as a wide range of other light items.

With Metalprogetti’s systems TOLON offers solutions for the following industries:

  • GARMENT INDUSTRY for the storage and sorting of every single item,
  • LAUNDRY SERVICES for the storage and sorting of every single item, with significant potential for automated distribution in hospitals, hotels and various types of industries,
  • DRY CLEANERS with store management solutions, the handling of incoming and outgoing garments, storage, order assembly and 24-hour automated distribution, and deposit of garments to be cleaned, even without on-site personnel, 24 hours a day,
  • RECREATION INDUSTRY for the automatic and manual management of cloakrooms in theatres, museums, restaurants, gyms and fitness centers.