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Roller Ironers


Working out smart solutions to meet the needs of enterprises,Tolon has designed interoperable ironers and sheet folding machines, especially for businesses with numerous operations.With the help of perfect integration of these two machines,sheets can be ironed, folded and ready to deliver in one continuous operation. Thereby, enterprises take the advantage of cutting back on costs and time.

With an extended heat transfer path, Tolon ironers provide more contact between the sheet and the roller, ensuring better ironing.The heat is continuously equalised on the rollers of dual-roller ironers, providing better efficiency and speed.

Tolon sheet folding machines achieve efficiency by folding twice in width and three times in length. At peak performance, the folding machines work with a speed of 40 meters per minute at maximum quality, folding each sheet in the programmed standard. Aside from bed sheets, the machines can iron and fold all flatware.