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Washer Extractors


Working on laundry machines for more than 5 decades,Tolon has developed a strong focus on the needs of the industry. With its experienced engineering and R&D teams,Tolon has been developing products that come with maximised profits as a standard feature.

Time and space limitations are the main problems of contemporary fast moving service operations. Businesses that want to launch industrial laundry systems desire to achieve maximum efficiency in minimum space. Focusing on this, Tolon has made high performance in tight spaces possible.

The TWE20 and TWE40 models are built with the most compact dimensions possible so that adjacent placement of machines provide businesses with limited space the ability to work with maximum capacity.


Businesses require bigger machines for maximum efficiency. The TW60 and TW110 models with 60 and 110 kg dry load capacity are developed to meet this need.

The TW60 and TW110 models operate smoothly all day, satisfying intense operational requirements of busy laundries, contributing to the efficiency of the operations.

Manufactured with the latest technology to tolerate intense workload, the TW60 and TW110 models come with a lifetime warranty against fracturing in the drum shaft. Modular and interchangeable components of the system can easily be maintained and replaced in the field.

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